7 Chiefs Sportsplex

7 Chiefs Sportsplex Gym

The Tsuut’ina Nation’s new Community Sportsplex facility houses a 5,000 person capacity multipurpose Pow Wow Community Hall, a 400 person capacity Ice Rink, a second 1,985 seat Ice Rink, a covered Outdoor Rink, a Fitness Centre, a Dance Studio, Offices, Retail Spaces, and a suspended Running Track. The new facility will serve not only the Nation but also the surrounding Calgary communities.

7 Chiefs Sportsplex Outside
"This has been the vision for all seven chiefs. All of us on Tsuut'ina are descendants of those seven chiefs, who always thought that this is a place that should be a place called home for the nation but also for the citizens of Calgary to come and be a part of this."
Lee Crowchild
Tsuut'ina Chief

Brand new in 2020 and built on the Tsuut’ina Nation in Calgary, the Nation boasts a long history of community building and forging strong relationships with neighbours near and far.

7 Chiefs Sportsplex Gym
"It was our home, it was a place for everyone to go. And now we're giving back that home," he said. I think it's a beginning of a new era … both for Tsuut'ina Nation and the public."
Brenden Crane - Tsuut'ina's project manager
Brenden Crane
Project Manager

Facilities include two indoor NHL size arenas with seating for 2000 in Krawford Arena and 400 in the second arena, a third year-round covered outdoor rink, full fitness studio welcoming memberships, dance/yoga studio.

254M indoor walk/run cushion-floored track with three lanes, a 45,000 square foot field house for multi-use sports perfect for tournaments or competitions, as well as conventions, trade shows, community gathering and cultural events. A 357 sq ft VIP suite for hosting and hospitality overlooks Krawford Arena.

7 Chiefs Sportsplex
Chief Jim Starlight Centre Entrance

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