Brian Wong TV - 左腳

Brian tells stories of people and about the community as a journalist, a curator, and a builder. His works always take him to places and conversations where he can explore, connect, and to feel the pulse of Calgary. Brian's works have appeared in broadcasting and a wide variety of digital platforms.


健康便是財富。安康生活,由點滴開始,日積月累可傳承世代,改變人生。十年研討、諮詢與改良後,VIVO For Healthier Generations 將與社區共同創造夢想。擴建工作正式展開,現實就在咫尺。

全民 Futsal!

你有否曾經想參加一項運動但因不同原因而錯過?Futsal Calgary 卡加利五人足球協會每年均參加全民運動日,包括青少年兒童組的 All Sport One Day 及成年人組的 All Sport One City,宗旨是繼續推廣這項快速激烈及高水平的足球項目。