Shouldice Seasonal Dome

Shouldice Seasonal Dome 2022

The new amenity to support indoor sports is an air-supported structure that has no interior columns or beams and is formed by maintaining internal air pressure. The dome will be inflated annually from approximately November to May and will allow sports like flag football, soccer, lacrosse, field hockey and more to use the artificial turf field all year. The seasonality of the dome allows flexibility for all-season use while also taking advantage of the preferred outdoor atmosphere when seasons allow. 

Shouldice Seasonal Dome Rendering
“A weather-proof facility like Shouldice Seasonal Dome is a much-needed space that will provide Calgarians a chance to connect and play, no matter the weather." 
Jyoti Gondek
Calgary Mayor

Funding for the $8.5 million project came from the Government of Alberta’s Municipal Stimulus Program, the Dome Facilities Association (DFA) and The City of Calgary. The dome increases the number of ways Calgarians can stay active during the cold, winter months at a fraction of the cost required to build a permanent structure. 

“This project and the partnership that made it possible are examples of the spirit and vitality of Calgary’s sport culture, the investment also provides great value by converting an existing athletic park into a year-round sport venue.”
Heather Johnson
Dir. of Recreation & Social Prog., City of Calgary

This project was developed in partnership with the DFA and spearheaded by the sport community, including the Greater Calgary Amateur Football Association, Calgary Minor Soccer Association and the Calgary Blizzard Soccer Club. 

 “We’re proud to be part of this exciting project that will allow us to offer more sport opportunities for Calgarians,” said Greg Peterson, President of the Greater Calgary Amateur Football Association and the DFA. “Encana Field has been a great space for us, and this dome takes it to the next level.”  

Booking information: calgary.ca/recreation.

Shouldice Seasonal Dome 2022
Calgary's Shouldice Seasonal Dome

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