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Futsal Calgary

全民 Futsal!

你有否曾經想參加一項運動但因不同原因而錯過?Futsal Calgary 卡加利五人足球協會每年均參加全民運動日,包括青少年兒童組的 All Sport One Day 及成年人組的 All Sport One City,宗旨是繼續推廣這項快速激烈及高水平的足球項目。

全民 Futsal!

經歷過新冠疫情後,卡加利的康體活動終於陸續開放。Futsal Calgary 卡加利五人足球協會第四次參加 All Sport One Day / All Sport One City 全民運動日,推廣五人制足球 (Futsal) 讓小孩學習踢足球的樂趣。Futsal Calgary 派出推廣大使 Michelle Holmes 以及合資格教練由淺入深去教導參加者控球技巧。


今次全民運動日在二零二二年在二月中旬舉行,Futsal Calgary 特別鳴謝卡加利體育聯盟提供合作夥伴機會。卡加利體育聯盟 (Sport Calgary) 每年均舉辦兩個全民運動日,包括讓青少年兒童組的 All Sport One Day 及成年人組的 All Sport One City,宗旨是讓市民嘗試不同類型的體育運動。你有否曾經想參加一項運動但因不同原因而錯過?不要緊,下次一起再全民運動啦!


二零零七年,五人足球協會的雛型成立。最初創辦了 Winter 5 五人制室內足球華人聯賽,首屆賽事只有五隊參加歷年來,超過一千名優秀的男女子球員曾參加過 Futsal Calgary 一系列的聯賽及盃賽。持續推廣後,在二零一八年開始,卡加利的聯賽冠軍獲得加拿大足總賦予資格出線全國錦標賽。創辦人黃慧聰為五人制足球持牌球證,與多名優秀義工組成 Futsal Calgary 團隊,繼續推廣這項快速激烈及高水平的足球項目,目標是將全國錦標賽帶來卡加利主辦。

Montage – Futsal Calgary at All Sport One City (Producer – Dan Lui)

Futsal Calgary Gives Back To Community

For the 4th time, Futsal Calgary has participated in the annual All Sport One Day / All Sport One City program conducted by Sport Calgary. In this edition, which is on Feb 19, 2022, our ambassador – Michelle Holmes – was leading the way to ensure dozens of young kids would enjoy a joyful session at Calgary Soccer Centre.

“Futsal is such a passion of mine. As varsity alumnus player, I know the amazing benefits Futsal gave me to become a better skilled player. Our group continues to share our passion so that we can grow this international sport in Canada.“

Michelle Holmes

About Futsal Calgary

Futsal is a game that combine skills, speed, fast pace thinking, and leadership on the field. Many world famous soccer stars such as Messi, Zidane, Neymar Jr. etc. trained up their skills in futsal at their early age. Since 2007, Futsal Calgary has been promoting the game to the general public through tournaments and various community outreach.

What do we see coming years? Futsal National Championship in Calgary? World Cup Futsal in Canada? Or Futsal being part of the Winter Olympics? We dare to dream at Futsal Calgary! Established in 2007, our volunteers, including founder Brian Wong, ambassadors Michelle Holmes, and Dan Lui contributed tremendous amount of time and effort to foster the growth of the game, one goal at a time. 

About All Sport One Day

Remember, All Sport One Day / All Sport One City is designed for people who want to try out a new sport or rediscover an old one. Sessions take place during weekdays, evenings, or weekends at facilities across Calgary on One Day. Futsal Calgary would like to congratulate all participants for becoming Active Calgarians!

Futsal Calgary at All Sport One Day 2016 (Credits: Brian Wong @ Futsal Calgary)
卡加利體育聯盟行政總監 Catriona Le May Doan (兩屆冬運速滑金牌) 呼籲大家多做運動,參加全民運動日!(Credits: Brian Wong @ Futsal Calgary)

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