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How can you access for tickets to FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™? | 加拿大足總獲分配2022年卡塔爾世界盃獨家門票給予加拿大球迷

In coordination with FIFA, Canada Soccer will have an allotment of tickets available to Canada Supporters | 加拿大足總與國際足協聯絡後,已經定出如何分配2022年卡塔爾世界盃獨家門票給予加拿大球迷。


“We represent 38 million Canadians and want to empower each and every one of them to be part of our movement,” added Dr. Bontis, Canada Soccer President. “The novel tiered approach of our supporter program reflects where sport and fan engagement are heading. We want a closer relationship with our best fans and this program empowers our supporters with a key role they determine.”
For more information, and to join nearly 95,000 Canadians already registered for CanadaRED program and tiers, please visit https://www.canadasoccer.com/canada-red-registration/.

How To Buy Tickets to Qatar?

Canada Soccer announced on April 21, 2022 how fans registered in the CanadaRED program can access tickets to attend Canada Soccer’s Men’s National Team matches in person at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™. In coordination with the FIFA Ticketing Office, Canada Soccer will have an allotment of tickets available exclusively to Canada Supporters.
All applicants for Canada Soccer’s allotment must be an active CanadaRED member, at any level, with tickets available through a weighted random draw process.  Applications will be made via a FIFA Ticket Office portal exclusively for Canada Supporters, which will open on Thursday 21 April at 11:00am ET and must be completed before Thursday 28 April at 5:00am ET.  

Canada Red

For complete details, fans are strongly encouraged to visit Canada Soccer’s FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ Ticketing FAQ here.
Fans who are not currently CanadaRED members and would like to apply for tickets have until 26 April at 11:59pm ET, to become a CanadaRED member at any level to receive access to the ticket portal. Current CanadRED members will have until 27 April  to upgrade their membership level. The weighted random draw will use the tier level for CanadaRED membership accounts as of 27 April. 

“Our expanded supporter program now allows our fans to join the growing movement based on their own wants and needs,” said Dr. Nick Bontis, Canada Soccer President. “The revamped supporter program is a win-win: fans increase their chances of obtaining exclusive tickets while Canada Soccer, a non-profit organization, creates new revenue streams to support men’s, women’s and youth development programs across the country.”
The CanadaRED+GOLD tier is the second phase of Canada Soccer’s expanded CanadaRED fan engagement program and offers a series of enhanced benefits, including:

  • Premium Access to FIFA World Cup Ticket Allotment (highest priority in weighted draw)*
  • Exclusive Canada Soccer Gift Package ($50 Value)
  • Access to CanadaRED+GOLD VIP Experiences
  • Premium Presale Access to National Team Home Match Tickets*


FeverSports 推崇球迷百分百投入支持加拿大國家隊2022年卡塔爾世界盃決賽週,若果能夠現場體驗,相信是球迷夢寐以求的願望。




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