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加拿大的真英雄 – 泰利霍斯

加拿大亞省的TERRY FOX RUN將於二零二二年九月十八日,星期日在卡加利堡(Calgary’s Fort Calgary)和科克侖米特福德公園(Cochrane’s Mitford Park)舉行。

這是「向泰利霍斯致敬」的一年,特別是與今年活動相關的兩個「42」- Terry Fox Run 的第42週年以及泰利霍斯當年平均每天要跑步的公里數!

泰利霍斯連續 143天,每日跑步42公里,令加拿大人難以置信,尤其是需要通過鈕芬蘭省四月的冬季以及安省的濕熱度等。


居住在科克侖(Cochrane)的Brandon Cruze將計劃在九月十七日星期六騎自行車42公里向特里福克斯致敬。為了讓更多人知道泰利霍斯「希望馬拉松」(The Marathon of Hope)工作,Cruze邀請了菲律賓社區加入,讓新移民了解The Marathon of Hope。


新成立CLUB 42,歡迎個人名義加入,積累騎自行車、步行或跑步42公里


直接參加今年的Terry Fox Run For Cancer Research向Terry Fox致敬,身體力行,而且介紹給予身邊的朋友,在網上宣傳等。讓我們以Terry Fox之名為癌症研究籌款。

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Tributes to Terry Fox

Hello, I am Paul Cox, Terry Fox Run Calgary organizing committee. TERRY FOX RUN(s) in CALGARY and in COCHRANE are excitedly anticipating a huge return to a traditional, in-person Terry Fox Run, on Sunday, Sept 18, at Fort Calgary (and Mitford Park, in Cochrane).

It’s proving to be a year of ‘Tributes to Terry Fox’ … specifically, to the two 42s associated with this year’s Run:

1) Its the 42nd year of Terry Fox Run;

2) more importantly, that’s the number of mileage that Terry would run daily, on average (boggles the minds of ALL CANADIANS; 42k, for 143 consecutive days, through winter conditions in NFLD in April, SW ON heat & humidity, etc).

The First Tribute – By Brandon Cruze

The first tribute to which I want to draw to your attention is a tribute that Brandon Cruze from Cochrane will fulfill: Brandon is planning to ride his bicycle 42KMs in tribute to Terry Fox on Saturday Sept 17. He also knows that Terry Fox Foundation wants to educate people about Terry & The Marathon of Hope; with that in mind, Brandon has included members of the Filipino community in Cochrane; thus educating newer Canadians about Terry Fox, and of Terry’s Marathon of Hope.

The Second Tribute – CLUB 42

Individuals wishing to join CLUB 42 have to accumulate their own 42KMs, and then reflect upon that completion: In my case I accumulated my 42KMs between March 20 & April 3. Having had a few ‘lazy days’ (that I wanted to ‘take off’) I thought ‘Terry must have had many days he would have liked to take off … but he made himself get out of bed to run‘; THAT motivated me to get off the sofa and walk my ‘measly’ 5k …

Terry Fox Run 2022

Finally, Calgarians can pay tribute to Terry Fox by participating in this year’s Terry Fox Run For Cancer Research; I know Terry Fox would wholeheartedly appreciate that, as a tribute.  

Operating with a zero-budget for promoting the Run (as Terry stipulated) I’m asking you to consider promoting Brandon’s ride, possibly making the story even better with mention of CLUB 42, and encouraging individuals to participate with us, as we work to raise funds for cancer research, in Terry Fox’s name.

For additional information you can reply via email OR you can phone me (519) 670-7285.

Thank you.

On behalf of Terry Fox Run Calgary organizing committee,

Paul Cox

Another way to support is to buy a Terry Fox Run T-Shirt

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